Office 365 recource mailboxen beheren via powershell

afbeelding van E.Meijer


Step 1 – Connect to Exchange Online

I added some Connector scripts to my Technet Gallery, you can use the Exchange Online connector to easily connect to Exchange Online. 

To change the room mailbox details we need to connect to Exchange Online with PowerShell. You can use Exchange Online connector script I created or use the PowerShell commands below:

This will display a prompt to authenticate you and store your credentials.

Import the powershell commands:


Step 2 – Set Limited details AccessRights

To show the subject and organiser we first need give all the users limited access to the calendar. This will display the subject and location of the meeting. You need to use the following Set-MailboxFolderPermission command:


Step 3 – Show the Subject and Organiser

To display also the Organiser of the meeting in the calendar we need to set the following for the Mailbox:

  • AddorganizerToSubject = $true
  • DeleteComments = $false
  • DeleteSubject = $false

By default the subject is deleted, so after we set Delete subject to false, only new meeting request are affected.  For existing meetings you will see the organiser and the location, new meetings will also have the subject displayed as you can see below

Meeting details room calendar

Bonus – Changing multiple Room Mailboxes at once

If you have multiple Room mailboxes you might want to changes them all at ones, instead of changing the settings for each Room independently. First we need to get all the Room Mailboxes:

Before we proceed let’s check if we have the correct mailboxes:

This will result in a list (table : ft = formatTable)  of the room mailboxes.
To change the settings on these mailboxes we will loop trought them with the following PowerShell command: