TEAMVIEWER windows 2012 - Error - Screen cannot be captured at the moment due to fast user switching


Please click on Extras,Options and then Advanced, to assure that the check on Enabale enhanced mulit user support (for TeamViewer Server) is checked!
After that you will get an blue explanation mark right next to your ID, that gives you 2 seperate ID´s one is a Server ID and one is a User ID.


Please connect with them Server ID


As TeamViewer generates different TeamViewer ID when is installed on Server:
1- Server ID, to control the physical server (Console)
2- User ID, to control a specific user (RDP session) on the server.


To control the server using the User ID, an active and open RDP session is required. If you want to connect without any RDP session and control the Console please use the server ID.
You can find this information under Help->About.


Please try to connect with the Server ID